2016 Annual LNF User Symposium, Dec 1st


Building upon the success of past events, we continue our annual tradition of bringing the whole LNF community together to learn about each other’s work and celebrate the wide variety of research being done at the LNF.

The symposium is free and open to all but please register – Online registration is available here. In addition, LNF tours can be scheduled at the end of the symposium for those interested. Food will be provided.

The keynote speaker, Prof. Mark Kushner, will talk about “The Role of Plasma Modeling in the Innovation Cycle for Nanofabrication.”

If you are an LNF user, participate in the poster contest and share your research! There are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Submission deadline for the poster competition has passed but you can still register to attend the Symposium.

Instructions for poster presenters are available here

Final agenda (Agenda also available here)

10:00am: Welcome from Professor Wei Lu, LNF Director

10:15am – 11:15am: Keynote Speaker, Professor Mark Kushner, “The Role of Plasma Modeling in the Innovation Cycle for Nanofabrication
Device fabrication, from nano-scale transistors to MEMS accelerometers, relies on plasma materials processing steps – etching, deposition, passivation, cleaning, functionalization. Arguably, advances in these technologies, at least for commercial scale production, might not have progressed beyond that of the 1990s in the absence of plasma enabled device fabrication. The success of plasma processing has reduced many of these intricate and complex plasma-chemical procedures to daily practice. Devices are etched and coatings deposited at commodity volumes using commercial tools. This is an impressive success and the goal of technology development – reducing complexity to practice by placing tools into the hands of the users. In this success, the fundamental plasma reactions essential for fabricating advanced devices have also been shielded from the user. Now that atomic scale processing (e.g., ALE – atomic layer etching) is necessary to advance the state of the art, innovation requires that consideration of the fundamental plasma processes be part of the innovation cycle. In this talk, the role of first principles modeling and simulation of plasma materials processing in support of innovation will be discussed using examples from reactor and feature scaling modeling. The required advances in modeling as we move forward will be also be discussed.

11:15am – 1:20pm: LNF Users Poster Sessions with over 40 posters and excellent food!
New this year: Vendor Exhibition!
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LNF Users Tech Talks, part I
1:20pm Prof. Sunitha Nagrath (U-M Chem. Eng.) “Microfluidics and Nanotechnology: Future of Cancer Research and Personalized Medicine”
1:50pm Dr. Thomas Daunais (Upland Nanotech) “Mind the Gap: Extending Research Beyond Graduation Through Entrepreneurship”
2:10pm Tal Nagourney (U-M EECS) “High-Q Blown Glass Resonators for Gyroscopes”

2:30pm – 2:45pm: Coffee Break

LNF Users Tech Talks, part II
2:45pm Yun Suk Eo (U-M Physics) “Study of Bulk Resistivity of Topological Kondo Insulator SmB6 and its Alloys Below the Bulk-to-Surface Crossover Temperature Using Non-local Corbino Transport”
3:05pm Mikai Chen (U-M ME) “Advanced Nanofabrication Technologies of Processing Layered Semiconductors for New Device Applications”
3:25pm Meredith Henstridge (U-M Physics) “Metasurface Generation of Accelerating Light”
3:45pm Brandon Demory (U-M EECS) “Silicon Nitride Parabolic Lenses for Enhanced Light Extraction from GaN Nanostructures”

4:05pm: Poster Prizes and Wrap Up
4:30pm: Adjourn and LNF tours for those who signed up

Questions regarding this event or other LNF activity?
Feel free to contact us:
Pilar Herrera-Fierro, or info@LNF.umich.edu