2017-05 Picture Contest Winners

Winners of the 2017 LNF Picture Contest!

1st prize: Ashley Bielinski

U-M, Mechanical Engineering, prof Neil Dasgupta’s research group
SEM of ZnO nanowires grown on a Si micropost. Atomic layer deposition enables conformal coverage of nanowires along with control of nanowire density and orientation. Arrays of these hierarchical structures create structurally omniphobic surfaces.
Ashley LNF_image_contest lrAshley Bielinski photo

2nd prize: Tal Nagourney

U-M, Electrical Engineering, prof Khalil Najafi’s research group
A thin metal film tints our view into the core of this high performance MEMS gyroscope. The silicon-on-glass package cradles its blown glass fused silica resonator.
BRG lrTal Nagourney Headshot

3rd prize: Mina Zeinali

U-M, Chemical Engineering, prof Sunitha Nagrath’s research group
Pseudo-colored SEM image of the captured cancer cells spiked into blood on the microfluidic CTC Carpet chip. Cancer cells and WBCs are shown in red and green respectively
image- complete-Mina Zeinali- Finalmzeinali-che pic lr

Congratulations to all!