The promise of microchannel artificial lungs

Joseph_Potkay_Web_Banner_600x320Abstract: Lung disease affects over 200 million people worldwide and kills over 2 million people annually. In the United States, it is the only major disease with an increasing death rate. Artificial lung technologies have recently been used to provide respiratory support for lung-disease patients. However, treatment and outcomes with current artificial lung systems remain less than optimal due to limitations in portability, biocompatibility, and gas exchange. Microchannel artificial lungs, on the other hand, promise to enable a new class of truly portable artificial lungs… Read More

Process Elements for the Deep and Vertical Etching of Fused Silica in an NLD Plasma

bannerJanuary 6, 2014 at Noon in Room EECS 1005.  Pizza will be served. Abstract: Etching deep and vertical structures in fused silica is an important process capability that many fields of micro fabrication require. Some examples include the vertical walled trenches of a micro-fluidic system and the interdigitated comb structures of a resonator for sensors or inertial navigation devices. The challenge with these structures is that the natural chemical inertness of fused silica make deep and/or vertical etches difficult. The Ulvac NLD 570 glass etcher… Read More

SEI Roundtable

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Photomask Ordering

The NNIN at the University of Michigan will be hosting a presentation from on “Guidelines for Commercial Photomask Ordering.”… Read More

Debugging MEMS Process Flows with Physical Simulation

Presenter: Thomas Hall, Intellisense Corporation.… Read More

High resolution patterning on nonplanar substrates with large height variation using electron beam lithography

Helmet for WebAbstract   High resolution patterning on nonplanar substrates with large height variation using electron beam lithography is reported. Using an automatic, high precision, noncontact laser probe microscope, a three-dimensional map of the nonplanar substrate to be patterned is obtained first. This data are converted to a format for the electron beam lithography system, which performs the write by adjusting the plane of electron beam focus based on the mapping data. As a proof of concept of this patterning scheme, three different kinds of nonplanar substrates were… Read More

Seunghyun Lee takes the gold for all-graphene flexible and transparent circuit

  Seunghyun Lee holding his Gold Award from the Materials Research Society Seunghyun Lee. doctoral candidate in the electrical engineering program, was honored with a Gold Graduate Student Award at the Fall meeting of the Material Research Society for his research on flexible transparent circuits made entirely from graphene. He demonstrated for the first time flexible and transparent all-graphene circuits for quaternary digital modulations that can encode two bits of information per symbol. Seunghyun Lee’s all-graphene circuit “High speed circuits are needed for portable flexibleelectronics … Read More

Nano and Micro Workshop

Workshop on Nano and Micro Manufacturing May 22-23, 2013 – Dearborn, Michigan This workshop brings together nano and micro scale device and material manufacturers, researchers, and end users of nano and micro technologies. The speakers and audience will represent applications of nano and micro technologies in the areas of biomedical devices, communications and information technology, defense and homeland security, energy, infrastructure, and transportation among others. Invited experts will discuss the requirements for technology commercialization in these areas. Panel discussions will discuss the needs for improved… Read More

Lab Photo 15

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Lab Photo 14

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