Getting Access

The LNF has reopened, including intake of new laboratory users. Note that, protocols described in the pages linked below have been updated due to the pandemic – you can also check updates on our dedicated wiki page.

There are two main options described below: 1) come and use the LNF yourself with the support of staff members or 2) have LNF staff members perform the process for you. If you are not certain of the best approach for you, just contact us to discuss your process needs and to learn more about the different options, at

Rates and fees for LNF usage

Here are the tool and room rates for LNF usage, which apply to both onsite usage and process services. Staff time is typically only charged for process services, not for normal support of onsite users.

Onsite usage

This is the main mode of usage of the LNF. The procedures and forms are slightly different for different types of lab users, so please select below what best represents you:

Processing services, for situations where you cannot work in the lab yourself

For these, please email us to discuss your process needs and to learn more at