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How do I get access to the NNIN/C@UM cluster?

You can request a computation account either by sending email to bshiari@umich.edu or filling one of these online forms: Internal (U of M) User Application or External (non U of M) User Application

What are the charges for using the NNIN/C cluster?

There is no charge for using the NNIN/C@UM cluster.

How do I get help with a problem or place a request for the NNIN/C@UM cluster?

If you have a problem, or wish to make a request, simply send email to bshiari@umich.edu for assistance.

What commercial software packages are available on the cluster?

Matlab and Mathematica

How do I get programming and algorithm help?

There is assistance with programming and algorithms. Please send a request for help to bshiari@umich.edu

Can I run non-parallel (serial) jobs on the cluster?

Yes, Some of the applications run on our clusters are serial jobs.

Is there any limit on the number of jobs someone can submit? Isn’t submitting too many jobs abusive?

There is a 999 job limit that one person can have queued at any one time. However, this has no effect on how jobs are actually scheduled so doesn’t affect when your jobs run.

If you want to see the real state of jobs that are running, waiting, and blocked you can type: showq | less and you’ll see the running jobs in order of last-to-finish to first-to-finish, the eligible jobs in order of start priority, and the blocked jobs in the order they were submitted.

Additionally, the more jobs any one person runs, the lower the priority is for their following jobs (this is called “fairshare” and is addressed somewhat at the URL above) so when their jobs do become eligible for scheduling, they are low on the list to start.

Because of all of those controls, the number of jobs any one person submits doesn’t affect the other people’s jobs on the system and it is often more convenient for people to submit large amounts of jobs at a time and let the system manage them. In fact, the more jobs the scheduler has to work with, the more efficient the system is and the more fair the overall usage is.

How do I get more information about the NNIN/C@UM cluster?

Just visit the web site at http://mnc2.eecs.umich.edu/wordpress