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Privacy & Legal Notice
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Privacy & Legal Notice



Security Policies

This is a list of general computer use policies and security rules that apply to all users of NNIN computing resources at Michigan. All users are responsible for implementing these policies and procedures during using NNIN/C@UM facilities.

Users are notified that all NNIN/C computers and cluster are monitored to insure proper computing use and to protect against attacks. Any evidence of criminal activity will be turned over to the proper law enforcement agencies.

Computer Use
Computers and software provided by NNIN/C are to be used only for approved research works. The use of this equipment or software for personal activities is prohibited.

User Accountability
Users are accountable for their actions and may be held liable to administrative or criminal sanctions for any unauthorized actions found to be intentional, malicious, or grossly negligent.

Passwords and umich uniqname
A user identifier, known as a uniqname and password, are required of all users.  Passwords must be changed every six months. Passwords must not be shared with any other person and they must be changed as soon as possible after an unacceptable exposure or suspected compromise.

Unauthorized Access
Users are not to attempt to receive unintended messages or access information by some unauthorized means, such as imitating another system, impersonating another user or other person, misuse of legal user credentials (uniqnames, passwords, etc.), attacking the system, or by causing some system component to function incorrectly.

Software License
All software used on NNIN/C cluster must be appropriately acquired and used according to the appropriate licensing. Possession or use of illegally copied software is prohibited.

Malicious Software
Users must not introduce or use malicious software such as computer viruses, Trojan horses, or worms.

Denial of Service Actions
Users may not deliberately interfere with other users accessing system resources.

Data Modification or Destruction
Users are prohibited from taking unauthorized actions to intentionally modify or delete information or programs.

Reconstruction of Information or Software
Users are not allowed to reconstruct or re-create information or software for which they are not authorized.

Home Directory Policy
A user’s home directory is created with permissions set so that only the user can access files and subdirectories within their home directory. For security and privacy reasons, LC strongly recommends that the user should not modify these permissions to allow others access to their files.

Data Protection
Users are advised to take appropriate measures to protect information and applications. Computers and network systems are inherently insecure. It is each user’s responsibility to ensure that adequate protective measures are used to transmit and secure data.

Altering Authorized Access
Users are prohibited from changing or circumventing access controls to allow themselves or others to perform actions outside their authorized privileges.