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2011 Simulation Contest Flyer
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2011 Simulation Contest Flyer


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NNIN/C at Michigan Fall Contest
Modeling and Simulation of Nano/Microsystems Contest
Objectives and Overview
The objective of this contest is to provide publicity and promotional support to new developments, recent progress, and advances in the modeling and simulation of Micro/Nanosystems. The emphasis is on current challenges in understanding of the multi-physics/multi-scale phenomena that govern such systems functionality.
The contest is solicited in the following areas, but not limited to:
  • Modeling and simulation methods that unite different size and time scales, capturing the entire workings of a design, from its nanoscale layout to its macroscale features.
  • Multi-physics couplings (mechanical-thermal-electrical- magnetic- optical etc.), complex flow phenomena involving single phase and particle-laden (i.e., beads, cells, and macromolecules) flows driven by pressure, electric, and magnetic fields, and by surface tension.
  • New tool or code development related to understanding of experimentally observed, fundamental principles and processes governing MEMS/NEMS performance for applications such as micro/nanofluidics, bioengineering, geosciences, optics, magnetics, imaging, energy, thermal systems, and carbon nanotubes. Also, code development related to the lifetime performance and functionality and prevents failure of NEMS/MEMS (ranging from billionths of a second to several months).
  • Modeling and simulation methods which can be used in the fabrication cycle, for design optimization, uncertainty quantification and characterization of micro/nano devices.
The contest will also be a platform:
  • to educate students and researchers in the NNIN user community;
  • for information exchange and networking for attendees from industry, academia, and software developers;
  • to identify primary obstacles and the breakthroughs needed to address them;
  • for fostering collaborations between the computational and experimental communities;
  • to identify simulation tools that can be easily and widely made available to the research community.
Deadline: October 31, 2011 [Registration is closed]
Sponsored by the computation program of the NNIN at Michigan
Lurie Nanofabrication Facility National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network National Science Foundation Michigan Electrical And Computer Engineering Michigan Engineering