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The NSF-funded National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) offers an open-access to 14 world-class users facilities across US providing expertise and capabilities in micro/nanotechnology.


The mission of the NNIN-Geosciences is to:

  • Develop further interactions with the wider geosciences and environmental community as well as supporting all projects of the community, especially as they relate to sensors and microsystems
  • Explore new areas where sensors and other capabilities from NNIN facilities can be utilized as enabler for geosciences
  • Educate and inform the geosciences community regarding micro/nanotechnology through workshops and short courses

What we can do for you:

  • Network of competence in micro/nano technology. Each site is dedicated to a specific area of intellectual and technological competencies (sensors, material synthesis, characterization, modeling…)
  • Domain expert in geosciences available for project consultation and support
  • Free individualized assistance and equipment training
  • Affordable fees to use NNIN micro/nano capabilities
  • Remote processing available through NNIN staff

We also offer:

  • Proposal development support for prospective users
  • Workshops and webinars that cater to the needs of the geosciences and environmental community about the resources and techniques available
  • Training, education and outreach activities