IntelliSuite Workshop: An end-to-end Solution for MEMS Design and Simulation


The NNIN at the University of Michigan will be hosting a free Workshop entitled ” IntelliSuite Workshop: An end-to-end Solution for MEMS Design and Simulation”.

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Topic: IntelliSuite: An end- to-end Solution for MEMS Design and Simulation

Date:  February 13rd, 2014

Time: 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm

LocationUniversity of Michigan, Windows Training Rooms 1 & 2, James and Anne Duderstadt Center, 2281 Bonisteel Boulevard, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2094

Presenter: Tom Hall, Application Manager at IntelliSuite.


 Tom Hall is an Applications Manager at IntelliSense. He has a wealth of experience in MEMS design, CAD/EDA software, FEA simulation, and customer education and training. He has been an integral part of the IntelliSense team by fostering healthy business relationships with current customers and keeping prospective and current users informed about the latest software developments from IntelliSense. Tom has extensive CAD expertise and a strong background in mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Tom holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University.


This free workshop will introduce cutting-edge methodology and tools for MEMS/NEMS design, analysis, fabrication simulation, and more. Attendees will learn more about the IntelliSuite family of tools, view live demonstrations, get a first look at the newest software version, and have the opportunity to try some hands-on tutorials.



12:15 Registration and Coffee

12:30 Welcome and Introduction to IntelliSuite v8.7

1:00   Device Simulation

  • Overview of IntelliSense’s Fastfield Multiphysics simulators and behavioral analysis tool
  • Live Demo: Simulation of magnetostrictive devices with ThermoElectroMechanical (TEM)
  • Live Demo: Behavioral and Parametric modeling with SYNPLE

1:45   CleanRoom Process Tool Suite

  • In-depth look at IntelliSense’s process simulation tools
  • Live Demo 1: MUMPs process flow generation with IntelliFab and visualizing with FabSim
  • Live Demo 2: Anisotropic etch simulation with IntelliEtchG

2:15    Break

2:30    Hands-on Tutorials

  • Comb drive layout design and parametric scripting with Blueprint
  • Physical process simulation with FabSim
  • Working with and converting 2D layouts and 3D models

3:30 What’s coming next with IntelliSuite v8.8?

  • Enhanced Blueprint drawing tools and Hexpresso meshing capability
  • New process simulation and device simulation features
  • System simulation enhancements and parametric analysis features

3:50 Wrap-up and closing comments

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