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Workshops & Training
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Workshops & Training


Workshops and Webinars

Throughout the year, NNIN/C@UM offers on-site workshops and webinars focusing on modeling and simulation of micro/nanosystems, parallel programming, and parallel tools.

Workshops typically include both lectures and hands-on exercises using the actual machines. The hands-on workshops are held at the training laboratories of the University of Michigan.


NNIN/C Webinar Series

July, 2012

EM.Cube Advanced Workshop

Webinar Video
March, 2012

How Can IntelliSuite v8.7 Benefit MEMS Research and

Webinar Video
Feb, 2012

CAD Tools for the Co-design of Heterogeneous Systems
of MEMS and Sensors, Electronics and Packaging

Webinar Video








Suggestions? NNIN/C@UM is interested in what kind of training the user community would like. Please send your suggestions for workshop and/or online tutorial topics to bshiari@umich.edu.


NNIN/C Workshops

July, 2012

EM.Cube: Advanced Workshop

Presentation Slides
May, 2012

One Day MEMS Simulation Workshop

Presentation Slides
October, 2010

Coventor Software Tools for Bringing MEMS/NEMS
Concepts to Reality

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4









2011 NNIN/C Michigan Symposium
Advanced Modeling and Simulation of NEMS/MEMS and Nano/Microfluidic Devices

Coarse Grained Simulation of Ionic Transport

Professor Umberto Ravaioli

Composable Modeling in MEMS Design

Professor Gary K. Fedder

Modeling and Seeing Nanoscale Phenomena

Professor Haim H. Bau

Computational Micro/Nanofluidics: The Unifier and Integrator of the Physical and Natural Science and Engineering

Professor A. T. (Terry) Conlisk JR

Advances in the Predictive Simulation of Microsystems

Professor Jayathi Murthy

COMSOL Multiphysics for MEMS Applications

 Dr Mian Qin


NNIN/C Modeling and Simulation Contest – Fall 2011

Other Resources (MEMS/Nano Related Links, Codes, Tutorials, etc )